A full range of products is available for immediate delivery. Amongst these are the following Rawlbolt products: -

Also available is a similar range manufactured by Tucker Fasteners under the ‘Parabolt’ name.

Our sales department will be pleased to advise you on any construction fixing project you may be about to undertake.


We have specialist knowledge of the materials and standards required by the petrochemical, gas, offshore power and heavy engineering industries. Through our contacts we are able to offer a wide range of specials. These include studbolts and nuts, hexagon head bolts, socket capscrews, nuts and washers. Materials we have supplied include carbon and high tensile steels, martenistic, austenitic and duplex grades of stainless steel. Non-ferrous and copper based alloys including Monel, nimonic, hastelloy and titanium.


Surface finishes now play an important role for fasteners and we are pleased to be able to offer the following finishes: -

We are also able to offer a comprehensive machining service to modify standard fasteners to your specification this can include webgelock tuf-lok, head & shank drilling for lock wire/split pins, cutting & rescrewing for non standard lengths


The service we are able to offer can be tailored to suit your requirements. From sophisticated kan-ban, direct to line, just in time, ship to stock and consignment stock to a simple scheduled order, we have the ability to offer the service you require.

We are also able to offer a kitting service - thereby packing goods to your exact specification, labelling with your part or code numbers or bar code and even despatching direct to your customer. This is available at a very low extra charge - please enquire for details.

If you are considering single sourcing your fastener and related requirements why not let us quote for the whole package?

Our delivery service to our clients is now ledgendary, whether it is made by our own transport, by courier, air, rail or sea, we ensure we are available at all times to oversee the delivery.